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Are You Talking to Me? Stay-at-Home Orders and Engineering Practice During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted on 6/19/2020 by ASCE Insurance in Claims

By Sarah A. Johnson, Esq.

The governors of a majority of states across the country have issued stay-at-home, or shelter-in-place, orders in an attempt to limit the spread of COVID-19, instructing everyone to remain in their homes.

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Claims Retrospective: A Clear Understanding of the Division of Labor Is Critical to Reducing an Engineer's Liability on Large Projects

Posted on 6/19/2020 by ASCE Insurance in Engineers

We have seen several claims against engineers who work on shop drawings for a specific contractor on large projects.

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10 Common Sense Ways to Avoid Being Sued

Posted on 6/19/2020 by ASCE Insurance in Liability

Article provided courtesy of Daniel R. McCune, Esq. & Kimberly C. Perdue, Esq., CHILDS MCCUNE LLC, Denver, Colorado |

For a design professional, a lawsuit or a grievance is a professional hazard. Yet a few simple precautions can minimize that hazard.

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Design Professional Negligence? Only an Expert Can Tell

Posted on 2/24/2020 by ASCE Insurance in Claims

Douglas R. Garmager, Esq.

A design professional who has been sued may naturally be concerned about a jury of laypersons sitting in judgment over his or her work, especially when the work was part of a complex, multi-faceted project that may have turned out poorly for a number of reasons, none of which involved the design professional's work.

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Claims Retrospective: Construction Observation Services Claims Are Often Avoidable

Posted on 2/24/2020 by ASCE Insurance in Claims Construction Documentation

While many engineers believe that conducting construction observation services can reduce liability, some disagree.

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Always Consult Local Counsel Before Settling a Claim

Posted on 12/19/2019 by ASCE Insurance in Claims

Sarah A. Johnson, Esq.

Engineers are often brought into lawsuits by contractors and other design professionals who have been sued by the owner of the subject property or someone who has been injured on the subject property.

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Claims Retrospective: Even Providing Limited Professional Engineering Services Can Be Risky

Posted on 12/19/2019 by ASCE Insurance in Claims

We have noticed an increase in claims involving large-scale condominium complex construction projects, particularly in areas of the country that experience inclement weather or natural disasters, such as prolonged sub-zero temperatures, heavy snowfall, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

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Construction Delay: 10 Things Design Professionals Need to Consider

Posted on 11/13/2019 by ASCE Insurance

Article provided courtesy of Gary Prather, founder and president of Architects and Engineers Dispute Resolution Group.

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Thoughts on Managing Site Visits

Posted on 11/12/2019 by ASCE Insurance in Construction

Construction phase services are an important element of any design contract involving construction. Design documents cannot be effectively implemented in a vacuum.

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Licensing Notice: Structural Engineering Licenses Required for Certain Projects

Posted on 10/9/2019 by ASCE Insurance in Claims

Sarah A. Johnson, Esq.

Do you have the proper licensure? In some states, a licensed professional engineer (PE) is not able to engage in structural engineering without being a licensed structural engineer (SE).

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